Senior Portraits


So, how was high school?

Whether you just can’t wait to graduate and blow this popsicle stand, or you wish you had four more years, you’ve accomplished a ton and now’s the time to celebrate that.


I want to help! Let’s get together for an hour and take some photos showing off your trophies, instruments, or anything else that has marked your time in high school.

If you’re up for it, I’m willing to go to 2-3 places that have been important to you these last few years. Maybe the football field, the band shell, or another place in the Grand Rapids area you cherish.


We’ll make at least 50 pictures together, showing off how much you crushed it! I’ll send them through a download link (Google Drive) or if you prefer, a USB drive in the mail.

Sound good? Let’s get it set up. Send me a message and we’ll get rolling.